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At Universal Glamping, our innovative heating solutions mean that no matter how bad the weather, your tent, pod or cabin will stay warm and cosy. Contact our team in Wales to find out more.

The GlampRAD

Universal Glamping are official suppliers of the GlampRAD. The GlampRAD is a unique stand-alone radiant heater panel, perfectly designed for the glamping and park home industries, providing a cost-effective, efficient and reliable heating solution. Radiant heating is gaining popularity due to its ability to provide higher levels of comfort, efficiency and health benefits over traditional heating methods.

  • Comfortable radiant heat
  • 97% efficient heating element
  • Doesn’t circulate dust and allergens
  • 70% more efficient than conventional heating methods
  • Unique and novel patented nanotechnology

Why choose the GlampRAD?

We have created a number of innovative Glamping heating solutions for various applications by working with some of the greatest minds in technical, materials, design, manufacturing, business and product development.

Utilising the skills and knowledge of our professionals in their respective fields, we can now provide the latest infrared heating solutions. All our heating products operate at extra-low-voltage (ELV) using a toroidal transformer for maximum safety, ease of use and eliminating the need for yearly maintenance, servicing and repairs.

Canvas Panel Heaters

Our canvas panel heater has been created for the outdoor leisure, Glamping and glamping industries to provide direct comfort heating in various canvas and other fabric structures. It has been designed as a retro-heating solution that requires no preparation prior to install and will help businesses and end users extend their season into the winter months. Fitted with an in-line on-off switch for total control, our canvas heaters can also be configured to run off a thermostatic controller for greater efficiency reducing running costs.

Technical: 370w per panel | 48v | Max surface temperature 80c Heat ratio: radiation 60%:40% convection

Dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm x 30mm

Steel Panel Heaters

Our steel panel heater has been created for the cabin, lodge, park home and building industries to provide an efficient cost-effective heating solution for various constructions. Designed to be installed as a retro- t system or during the building development these heaters are mounted on the walls and ceilings to give maximum distribution of heat whilst maintaining  floorspace without creating obstructions. Our steel heaters can be printed with any design that you desire, be it a picture of a loved one, some idyllic scenery or a common texture, giving you completely custom aesthetics and adding that personal touch to your surroundings. These systems can be zoned and thermostatically controlled.

Technical: 150w/300w/600w options | 48v | Max surface temperature 80c Heat ratio: radiation 60%:40% convection

Dimensions: 400mm x 800mm x 15mm

12v Panel Heater

Our 12v infrared heating panels are constructed in the same way as our standard steel panel heaters, however these are designed specifically for the caravan and motorhome industries. By operating at 12v these heaters can run directly of the leisure battery and run off a DC thermostat to provide you with the world’s first infrared heating solution for your campervan, caravan or motorhome. Created out of the necessity for an effective heating source to provide optimum comfort without draining your batteries energy stores and mounted on the walls and ceiling

to create more living space. Our 150w panel operating at 12v has a draw of 12.5amps. When controlled intelligently a standard single battery charge can give you over 30 hours of heating. These can be printed with your bespoke requests.

Technical: 150w | 48v | Max surface temperature 80c Heat ratio: radiation 60%:40% convection

Dimensions: 400mm x 800mm x 15mm


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