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For luxury safari tents, browse the range from Universal Glamping. We’re industry leaders, manufacturing an innovative range of products.

Introducing the ‘Glamploft’

The Glamploft is a unique and revolutionary luxury safari tent. A canvas structure developed by Universal Glamping, it provides year-round accommodation for the glamping industry. Combining the original concept of a canvas structure, with the creativity and ingenuity of the UK’s leading glamping design and development team, the Glamploft offers a revolutionary step forward in glamping technology.

Why choose the Glamploft?

The GlampLoft is ideal for a variety of applications. It can be utilised for glamping sites, fishing lakes, wedding venues, holiday parks, pubs and hotels, festivals, military applications and disaster relief. The design itself has been engineered with modular construction in mind. It allows you to add and remove sections for bespoke and specific needs, with a range of quality innovative materials depending on application. The lightweight quick-install system means that two experienced installers can erect up to 4 units per day.

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