The ‘GlampLoft’- Modular Canvas Structure

The GlampLoft is a unique and revolutionary canvas structure developed by Universal Glamping to provide year-round accommodation for the glamping industry. Combining the original concept of a canvas structure, with the creative and ingenious idea’s of the UK’s leading glamping design & development team.

The GlampLoft as a stand-alone glamping product is unique in the fact that it is the first of it’s kind on many fronts; with an insulated canvas with nanotech low-voltage radiant heating technology integrated into the surface, providing efficient & effective direct radiant heat for maximum comfort and allowing up to 12 months-a-year return on investment. It is also constructed with 2 stories; a flexible downstairs communal area for cooking, eating & socialising; with a cosy upstairs ‘loft’ space which comfortably sleeps 4 adults.

The basic frame is constructed from aluminium tubing allowing for a lightweight yet durable structure which is easily transported. The GlampLoft cover is a military-grade, waterproof, fire-retardant, rot-resistant canvas available as a single skin shell; or as a GlampRAD insulated & heat-integrated layer for year-round protection and personal comfort. With an experienced interior designer who hand-crafts the internal furniture by recycling and up-cycling materials using local companies the GlampLoft really does give you that authentic, warming, year-round glamping solution.

The GlampLoft is subject to various applications and can be utilised for glamping sites, fishing lakes, wedding venues, holiday parks, pubs & hotels, festivals, military applications and disaster relief.

The design itself has been engineered with modular construction in mind, adding and removing sections for bespoke and specific needs, with a range of quality innovative materials depending on application. The lightweight quick-install system allows for a team of 2 experienced installers to erect up to 4 units per day.